Monday, 16 May 2016

Prove It To Move It

L.I. Can I use full stops, question marks, and exclamation marks to a end of a sentence?

Once upon a time there was a rocket ship that crashed Into earth! When I went to look at the rocket I touched it and the door opened from behind. I was scared I didn't want to go behind because there might be a monster. So I went behind and there was a  baby duckling? I didn't know what was so harmless about this duck? Next day I said good morning baby duckling... baby buckling ahhhhh! Ah oh I went out side the baby duckling was so big I couldn't even see the airplane coming my way. The baby duckling was coming my way too. So I ran back in the house trying to call for help but no one answered because it looked like the giant baby duckling cut the power line. So I tried to run to the cops but as soon as I got there the baby duckling had already smashed all of the cops office. I was shivering but then I realized the massive duckling was right by me. Then the duckling quacked  so loud  all the trees flew away to America. I was so scared I had just realised that the baby duckling was right by me. Once it came down to me it gave me a big big big Hug! Then the baby duck pointed to it's mother I said good bye little duck. He dropped something and it was his name badge. It said Ducky. Then I said bye Ducky! Then he walked far far away.

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