Thursday, 26 May 2016

Prove it to move it

L.I. Can I use full stop,question marks, and exclamation marks?

Bang! What was that? I asked. I think it was thunder said James. I was horrified by the sound it made. Wow! That was loud! I can't hear anything because there's to much thunder making noise. Ouch! What was that? said James and Blake. How are we suppose to get home when it's really really really rainy? We will have to call our parents. Oh no! The battery is dead! How are we suppose to get home when your phone is dead? said James. How about we try your phone because it's our only hope to get home. Ring ring ring.... Hello Michael can you pick us up? It's super rainy! Sure i'm on my way. Michael's on his way. Look he's here. Hurry! Get in the car. Yeah! We're safe. Yeah let's go home we all said.

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