Monday, 13 June 2016

Weekly Reflection T2W7

What: Last week we wrote negatives, positives, and interesting about the Whanganui  River. We buddied up so we could have five ideas of each one. I was with James. We had lots and lots of river ideas for negatives, positives, and interesting. After that, when time was up, we all took our on ideas to the mat. Last week we were switching groups for technology. I went to computers.The first thing we did was take a lesson about Tinkercad. Then we made key chains of our name. Last week we did handwriting. We were all so surprised because if we had done that handwriting we would of done the whole alphabet. The last letters we needed to do was o e c. Everybody was trying to hurry so they could be the first ones to finish the whole alphabet.    

So What: I learnt how to do my 10 and 5 divided-bys. I learnt how to do that because we had a test to do 60 questions.

Now What: Last week my goal was to get better at reading every day. I have achieved that by reading better with my reading group. So my new goal this week is to get better at listening at the teacher so I know what to do.

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