Monday, 27 June 2016

Weekly Reflection W9 T2

What: Last week we did some art. The art that we did was famous art designs. We all got to pick a famous building out of 7 buildings. When we chose a building we made our patterns on the inside of the building. When some of us are finished we sharped the patterns. Last week we drew a water cycle on Google-drawings. We showed all the parts that happen in the water cycle. We learnt about the water cycle like how the water cycle never ends. Last week we wrote everything that happens in the water cycle, we found out lots of information.

So What:n Last week I learnt how to do some addition on the website fun brain.

Now What: Last week my goal was to get better at reading everyday and I have achieved that. My new goal this week is to strive for accuracy for the whole this week.
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