Friday, 17 February 2017

Community Walk

On Monday Room 1/2 went for a  walk with Miss Hume, Mrs Palmer and Mrs McAvoy. We were talked about all of the things we could see that we could personify for our writing. We taking  breaks every 10 minutes. Every break we took we talked about the new personification we could make and the communities we saw. On one of the breaks a dog came and sat down by us. At the end of the walk we walked to the park but then it started to rain on us. So we ran to cover under the trees. It was a while until the rain stopped so we ate our morning tea under the trees. When the rain was starting to stop  Mrs Hume called three cars to come pick some of us up  only 4 people could go in each car. The rest of the class walked back to school with umbrellas.

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